Reader Opinion: Debt


I watched PBS news the other night and they had a segment on the mounting national debt. I felt this was ironic because they are a left leaning media and, for quite some time now, I have struggled to find anyone on the left who seems that concerned about where we are going with all of this debt. They seem to be of the mindset that the government has an endless supply of money to spend on all of their wonderful programs. If you listen to what some of the candidates have proposed, if they are elected, anyone with common sense and a rudimentary mathematics education will tell you it doesn’t add up. But be that as it may be, I was surprised to hear this left leaning TV station finally saying that we are on the path to fiscal ruin. Maybe now if the right will admit that their damaging tax cuts are not stimulating the economy and just making the rich richer we will have some common ground to finally talk about living within our means.

You see one of the things that was never factored into the equation of fiscal reasonability in our capitalistic government is the inherent greed that exists on both sides and actually in all of us. Greed will destroy our country. Greed has no bounds, no conscience, no shame and it truly exists in all of us. Greed can be the driving force that makes us want to do better and that’s a good thing but when it becomes the driving force that wants to help people buy a seat in Congress so they can ultimately control people, its out of hand. Kudos to PBS for their awareness segment. Now let’s all get on the bandwagon to fiscal responsibility.

Mike Holst


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