Reader Opinion: Defending life


In reply to the March 3 Reader Opinion letter that stated “Neither being pregnant nor ending a pregnancy is a crime,” it scares me to think that this country has become so calloused as to disregard a human life. Has this person ever held a baby in her arms, especially a premature baby or even a fetus? There is nothing that can compare to the awe it inspires. When my little fetus appeared, he had the bluest eyes, two arms, two legs, and all the proof of a human being. In the case of rape, the fetus is a human being. His life needs protection just as a regular pregnancy. In the case of a regular pregnancy, the woman had a choice before the conception -- she chose to take a “risk,” if one wants to call it that. So I do respect the woman’s right to say “No!” but once she has consented to, and becomes pregnant, there is now another person whose rights come first. She must now say “No” to an abortion..

In this country, we have become so orientated to demanding our rights that we ignore the rights of the others.

This country may get more than the coronavirus.

Jean Litke


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