Reader Opinion: Disappointed in decision


I'm sending this note to express my disappointment with the county commissioner's decision to override the recommendation before them to allow the sale of storage condos.

While reading the meeting notes in the Brainerd dispatch, I do not understand why the discussion of impact to the area is still being brought up.

Yes, while the Elks Camp provides a great opportunity for the young campers, but the reality is that people pull their lake toys from storage before Memorial Day and put them back after Labor Day. Campers are here June-August.

Several have expressed concerns on water quality and impervious surface impact yet have large storage units on their own property along the shoreline of Pelican Lake. This project plat is 1/4 mile away from Pelican with a 100-year water run off plan in place.

These points are irrelevant, the conditional use permit has been granted and the option before the commissioners is one of two choices:


  1. Pass what the county planning group had thought was a good project and plan, allowing the development and sale of high-end storage units.

  2. Reject the plan and have 75 cold storage rental units built on this property.

Option one would have had at max 75 property owners that have a vested interest in this facility to maintain their investment.
Another consideration is that 75 high end storage units at completion would have over a $10 million property tax value for this property.

Option two has 75 cold storage rental units at a fraction of the value, and 75 renters that have no vested interest in the property or surrounding area.

If the commissioners are truly concerned about the adjacent neighbors, next time prove it by at least reaching out to those neighbors that have expressed their concerns.

Dean Tenney


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