Reader Opinion: Do what is right

Remember the Golden Rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated.


At a recent Pequot Lakes School Board work session it was stated people have the right to call Superintendent Lindholm a scumbag. I adamantly disagree as no one should ever put down another person. This statement was by a board member and absolutely demonstrates why the SEED program is so badly needed. Another board member referenced the superintendent as the salesman for the district. There are two types of salespeople; one that tells you anything you want to hear and the other that is honest, forthcoming and tells it like it is. Superintendent Lindholm is like the latter. He does not sugarcoat anything but rather tells you exactly what is happening in our schools with our children. That takes honesty, courage and integrity. I applaud him and the staff that are bearing their souls and teaching our children acceptance, respect, diversity, inclusion, compassion, love and concern for others. Remember the Golden Rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated!

As someone born with a deformed arm, I was frequently ridiculed, put down, bullied, teased and made fun of. I know how important it is to teach our children to love others and accept all. I have family living in Pequot Lakes who are also associated with the schools, so I am very thankful and appreciative for Superintendent Lindholm and all of the staff who are trying to teach our children to grow up to be loving, caring and tolerant people. Superintendent Lindholm and the staff are not any derogatory name. They are heroes and should be thanked and treated as such. Doing what is right is never wrong!

John Ward


John Ward is a Baxter City Council member

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