Reader Opinion: Domestic tranquility

An enlightened democracy is a partnership between inspired leadership and respectful citizenry.


The preamble to the U. S. Constitution lifts up the ideal of “domestic tranquility.” In the best of times, peace and good will at home takes a lot of hard work from an inspired Congress and a responsive populous! But we have learned that unexpected challenges to tranquility are always just around the corner. For example, the disastrous power outage in Texas; political unrest (Jan. 6 at our National Capital); the tragic pandemic and the poignant cry for racial justice — all of these disrupt our domestic tranquility. In these times I find it encouraging that indigenous and Christian spirituality hold that “when one member suffers we all suffer together.” Such communal sacrifice pulls people together and inspires hope. Working together for equality, health and education, the freedoms of our democracy all take energy and sacrifice. These are the building blocks of domestic tranquility. One of the toughest jobs our legislators have is spending wisely the generous tax revenue we citizens provide. Domestic tranquility is felt when all citizens are heard and all citizens get a piece of the pie. An enlightened democracy invests in people and policies that build and unite in order to “insure domestic tranquillity.” It’s a partnership between inspired leadership and respectful citizenry.

“Much is required of those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater.” Luke 12:48, The Living Bible.

Terry Frovik

Lake Shore

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