Reader Opinion: Don’t follow lies

The big lie is nothing more than a fundraising grift.

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To those individuals who choose to follow their "heart" regarding the integrity of the 2020 election. Might I advise following facts, reason, critical thinking and our great American democracy. To believe in the "big lie" is to question the foundations of our democracy. Christopher Krebs, head of cybersecurity of the 2020 election for Homeland Security, is on record as stating the election was the most secure in American history. After failed court challenges, numerous audits and analysis by AP of election fraud in six swing states, 430 incidents were reported. There was no fraud. The election wasn't stolen, but those assertions are damaging our great country. The big lie is nothing more than a fundraising grift by the biggest loser of all, who wants to see our country in ruins. He never served the citizens, he served himself. Sad.

Judy Bird


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