Reader Opinion: Don’t judge


Thank you to the Oct. 28 letter writer for trying to set the record straight on President Trump.

We have so many “know it” people in our area, they all know what should be done but I don’t see any of them going to D.C. and run the country! I thank God for that!

I’m 93 years old and have voted every time since I was 21. I don’t know of any other president that has tried as hard as President Trump has to include the people’s wants. He doesn’t make laws on just his ideas. I have had the privilege of being on several committees and have received letters to find out what I think. I am only one of many across the U.S. He puts these letters together with his own and then decides. He has tried and done so many good things for the citizens, not for himself but for us. He has not had any help or cooperation from the left. None.

I think people forget God gave them a mind of their own. They go for generations voting because the parents and grandparents, and their parents, were Democrats or Republicans. They don’t think for themselves. Think hard before you vote!

One more note to all who have judged President Trump. Remember, God said you will be judged as you judged others! My mother taught her children if you can't say something good about someone keep your mouth shut.


June Erickson


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