Reader Opinion: Easy answers


We all want easy solutions. We want to deal with problems quickly, get rid of anxiety and get things back to “normal.”

However, we also understand that a bandage will not really cure the disease. We understand that treating the symptom will not get rid of the cause; that cause will continue to create problems until we deal with it.

Just as gloves or face masks alone will not be the solution to the COVID-19 problem. It will take a very complicated and coordinated cooperative community effort, and perhaps an international effort to begin to deal with this virus. It will take all of us moving past our personal preferences to find inclusive solutions. It will take maturity and responsible action.

We also see the national effort to deal with COVID-19 has been spotty, at best. Many states, closer to the real issues, are doing better than the national attempts. But we also know that we cannot find any real solutions without the national government getting fully onboard.

Some may think that the problem is simply the leadership of this president, but I want to suggest that that is just another attempt to find an easy answer. The underlying problem is an economic system that has put economics above human and social concerns. So, if we replace this president with another who has that same mindset, as have all the presidents for the last several decades, we will simply jump out of the frying pan into the fire.


Scapegoating is always an attempt to deal with a problem by blaming one person for all the ills and sacrificing him/her.

We need to recognize that this is a systems problem and that restoring a balanced and inclusive democracy rather than continuing governance by oligarchy is the only effective solution.

Bob Passi


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