Reader Opinion: Economic prowess?


You are a business owner and have secured a very extensive job on a large project. You and your employees are thrilled about this job, hoping that you will be able to expand your business. Your company does an excellent job on the construction project. When the time to receive payment for your work arrives, you are told that the company that contracted your work has filed for bankruptcy and you receive pennies on the dollar.

Perhaps you are an investor who hears about the above project and decides to invest in such a sure thing. Again, the bankruptcy causes you to lose most or all of your hard earned money.

Donald Trump has done this six times to people who trusted in his “business acumen.” He has put up little of his own money but has shifted debts to his ventures while collecting millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses. We hear his supporters say that he is such a great businessman. Tell me how these bankruptcies which hurt others indicate any economic prowess on his part.

He said that he would reduce the national debt -- the debt has grown during his presidency. Is he planning to bankrupt the U.S. economy like he did his previous endeavors?

By the way, how much have you paid in federal taxes in the past 15 years?


Char Wrobel


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