Reader Opinion: Enbridge’s investment

Enbridge made a $4 billion investment over the seven-year Line 3 replacement project.

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In 2020 and through 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic raged and the negative effects of the economic shutdown lingered, Enbridge stepped up to the plate and invested billions of dollars into the northern half of Minnesota. With the Line 3 replacement, the Enbridge economic boost came at a time when businesses in our area were facing the very real potential outcome of cutting jobs or closing altogether.

Until now, I could only generalize the economic impact of this massive Enbridge project, using anecdotes shared with me by business owners in Cass County. But with the release of an economic impact report by APEX, we have a clearer measure of the true economic outcome. According to the report, Enbridge made a $4 billion investment over the seven-year project. There was an additional $0.65 spent locally for each project dollar invested, for a value-added total of $2.2 billion. Of this amount, $132.1 million was spent on lodging, meals, and other incidentals. Whereas this data is not specific to Cass County but rather all of northern Minnesota, I believe it effectively highlights the economic stimulus to our local economies during a period of otherwise bleak prospects.

You can find the full report at .

Mike Paulus

Cass County Economic Development Corporation executive director

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