Reader Opinion: End Trump’s reign


There is no excusing what Trump has done. We lost six weeks of preparation and it has cost lives! While he campaigned and golfed, he was receiving warnings from WHO, he chose not to heed, because after all he is all knowing and can do anything! His daily preening on the news channel, which he exists for, muddy the actual truths of the virus and the needs the states have. He is no different then the ministers that told their congregations to show up for church, and ignore the warnings about the virus, placing the lives in peril of those that did!

People have told me that they can tell I hate Trump. It is so far beyond hate, I have no words to describe how I feel, I know I am not the only person that feels shattered at times when I look at the destruction he has brought to people's lives! Fox News has become a den of lies, harms people at every turn. They gave this man a pulpit to destroy people.

Mister Rogers said “Look for the helpers.” I agree, that is where the hope is for our country, and the hope Trump’s reign will be over and we can get to rebuilding again!

Deb Halsted


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