Reader Opinion: Enough


In 2014 I crossed paths with Sue Kern and her husband. They attempted to ban a book from our schools because a character took the Lord’s name in vain. Common sense ultimately prevailed, though, and my 10th grader completed an assignment on “Of Mice & Men,” learning some valuable cultural lessons as a result. This was because we let the teacher teach and kept the Kerns from attempting to parent my child for me.

Next was their concern of BLM implementing Sharia law here. I find it ludicrous in the extreme that any rational person could believe that this would occur in a county that is 95.6% white. For conservatives out there, this has to be one of the largest insults to your intelligence of all time.

Then Brainerd makes Newsweek with a board member challenging the teaching of the theory of evolution. Note that it’s taught as theory, as it is in every public school system in this nation.

Next, we’re told that having children and school staff wear masks is more dangerous than not, and encroaches on civil liberties. I’m unsure of how effective masks are, but I doubt they’re creating more health issues than they‘re preventing. We may discover that they don’t help as much as commonly thought, but that’s why they call it a precaution.

It’s offensive, regardless of your politics. Not the beliefs, they have as much right to those as anyone does, and I defend their right to hold them. But like I said in 2014, they must stop using influential positions in attempts to alter the environment in which our children are learning, just to fit their unique beliefs. It’s wrong.


You can be an activist. You can be a school board member. You cannot be both.


Kevin Boyles


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