Reader Opinion: Enough is enough

The Republican Party has veered to the radical right under the current president encouraging racism, violence, and hatred.


I rarely write about political parties, but enough is enough. The once rational Republican Party has been on a slippery slope toward authoritarianism from Newt Gingrich in the 1990s with his willingness to shut down the government to get his way, to the present with a sitting president blatantly inciting a riot that verged on a coup, seriously damaging the remaining credibility of the Party.

The Republican Party has veered to the radical right under the current president encouraging racism, violence, and hatred. And the rest of the Party has been complicit with their silence and their willingness to ignore the realities of the pandemic deaths and casualties, the impending climate challenges and finally the realities of our recent election.

They have been willing to present an alternate reality of their own making to incite opposition and challenge the heart of our democracy, the health of our citizens, and the unity of our nation. How are we to find a way to confront our present crises and future challenges if we reject current realities simply to gain power?

And, sadly, the cancer has reached Minnesota with Mr. Gazelka willingly accepting the role of ringmaster with his glib talk, his slick appearance, his intellectual dishonesty, his false religiosity, his political ambitions, and his willingness to espouse alternate realities about the last election. If he were a responsible leader, he would hold the integrity of our democracy above his own ends and would respond to the crying need of the hundreds of thousands of citizens affected by the pandemic and just tell his followers to wear masks. He would push to vaccinate essential workers before opening businesses and schools.

If this is not a crisis, how many more deaths will it take to register for him.


For shame!

Bob Passi


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