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As election day approaches, I am reminded what this election is all about. It is our future as a country. I got a call from my daughter who has two children, my grandchildren, with whom I get to converse. The conversations I had with my pre-school granddaughter sometimes take an interesting turn. Before the pandemic, I took her shopping with me and as we approached the produce section of the grocery store I asked, “Do you like eating apples?” and she responded, “Yea but just one at a time!” The unexpected response led me to believe I had asked a silly question but, the line of a child’s logic is straight. In a phone conversation we were having just the other day she said she was having crackers for a snack so I asked, “What kind of crackers are you having?” and she said, “Square ones.” So I asked, “What flavor are they?” and her answer, “Brown.” Earlier in the day she had eaten Cookies ‘n Cream cereal and she told me, “They taste like my dog because he’s a Chocolate Lab.” While we may not be able to hug our grandchildren during this pandemic, we can still be close with meaningful conversations about what is important. For all of us, control of the pandemic is key to restoring our way of life. National leadership that takes the pandemic seriously and acts to control it are essential to our existence. As grandparents we represent the past, but our grandchildren’s future should be happy, healthy, safe and peaceful.

Steve Wymore


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