Reader Opinion: Everybody needs a cheerleader


I grew up in a family that paid scant attention to each other. With eight kids it sometimes seemed there were more things going on than there was time to pay attention too, so why bother. My parents’ days were filled with time spent just providing food and shelter and the necessities of life. If they had a goal it was, “Get these kids raised up and out the door.” Yet they persevered.

I think for all of us as parents, seeing our kids off to a good start is our ultimate goal, the difference being we need to enjoy the trip with them and the word I am looking for is -- encouragement. We all have our good days and bad days. A little praise on the good days and a little support on the bad days, can go a long way to building that confidence we need.

If you have ever gone to a sporting event you have noticed the enthusiasm that comes from a crowd that is in support of their teams’ efforts. I am sure most people would agree that this has turned the score into their favor many times. It is true in life also.

However, we became parents, we took on the job of being there for our kids. It isn’t a choice, it's a prerequisite. It’s a contract that says, “You gave them life, now help them live it. Every step of the way.”

To those who are struggling with addictions and other things that are getting in the way with raising your kids, you need to ask yourself: Is where I am right now where I want my kids to be when they are my age? Or is this where we break this chain and do what is right?


Mike Holst


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