Reader Opinion: Excedrin time


If you thought Congress was dysfunctional before the impeachment hearings you better hang on to your seat, it's gonna get really bumpy when it's all over. The toxic atmosphere in DC will not clear any time soon and proof of that will be the upcoming "bipartisan" budget meetings to keep the government funded.

If you're a Republican you gotta know that Trump has too much baggage to get on the reelection flight. The President of the United States should always reflect the values, morals, ethics and beliefs of our nation. President Trump has some difficulty with all of those traits. I would rather he got fed up with DC politics and resigned instead of slowly crippling the country one tweet at a time. If you're a Trumper, he had his time in the spotlight but now his vindictive nature is dragging our democratic process over a cliff. If you're a Never Trumper, you should not be so self righteous to think that impeaching an elected president is something to be proud of. It is another dent in our democratic armor, but constitutionally significant as something that could never happen in Russia or China. History is repeating itself because just like Nixon and Clinton, he got caught.

The 2020 elections are a scant 11 months away so sit back and enjoy those really nifty TV campaign commercials and figure out ways you can actually make your vote count. Don't forget that our Russian and Chinese friends are prowling about online eager to give you their sound advice. Our election cycles are usually about spending sprees, vague promises, revenge and party platforms, so for heaven's sake be careful out there.

Louie Hoffmann


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