Reader Opinion: Faithful public servant

Thanks to Todd Holman for his service to Baxter.


As Todd Holman finishes his service in Baxter, I want to express my deepest appreciation for his faithful, capable work first as Crow Wing County and then Baxter employee. He followed that up with years of service as a Baxter City Council member. I’ve known Todd for over 25 years. During that time, in conversation and by observing the fruits of his labors, I have seen Todd to have a big heart for the well-being of people and creation. He has always been an advocate for quality of life standards in environmental care and in county/city standards for construction, waste disposal, future planning, etc. Todd has not always voted for what was expedient, popular, easy. Todd, along with his council peers, has helped to establish a wonderful trail and park system that our family and many others well utilize. He has also helped to maintain our “up north” atmosphere by requiring that commercial development use “stacking” billboards instead of individual signs posted in front of every business. Landscaping requirements include tree planting that will enrich the beauty of our city as they mature. He has seen that residential building/zoning standards are high. Some complain about the expense involved in meeting these standards, but I believe the end results include higher quality home construction that will maintain value and ensure safety and beauty for our residents. My wife and I have paid our real estate taxes, building permits and additional assessments to help provide city services, police and fire protection, street and sewer upkeep, etc. We are pleased and thankful to be citizens of Baxter. We again thank Todd Holman, plus Mayor Darrell Olson, all of the other Baxter City Council members and city employees, past and present, for their hard and faithful work on our behalf. Good government.

Darrell J. Pedersen


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