Reader Opinion: Finally a reality

Please join me in taking a moment to thank everyone who made the completion of the Line 3 project a reality in just 10 short months.

We are part of The Trust Project.

While we often hear of infrastructure projects being studied, worked on, and — if we’re lucky — completed, we rarely acknowledge the work that goes into these massive projects. Here in Northern Minnesota the Line 3 replacement pipeline project is a prime example. While the list of those I must recognize is longer than this word count will allow, I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to a few key players with the Line 3 project.

I thank Enbridge, for pushing past the obstacles and roadblocks, and creating a thorough, open process that involved our communities, our tribes and our leaders.

Which leads me to thanking the tribal members who stepped up to work with Enbridge to ensure this project could be done properly and re-routed when necessary to protect culturally sensitive areas and resources, and who have served as tribal liaisons throughout construction of this project.

I appreciate the hardworking pipeliners and unions who worked throughout the cold winter and hot summer, all while being harassed multiple times a month.

I thank the elected officials and local leaders who helped support this project and share how imperative it is to our state.


And lastly, I would like to share my admiration and thanks to our first responders who left their communities and put themselves in danger to make sure pipeliners and protesters alike remained safe at active construction sites.

Please join me in taking a moment to thank everyone who made the completion of this project a reality in just 10 short months.

Kathy Galliger

Aitkin Council Member

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