Reader Opinion: Follow Jesus


If COVID-19 had happened while Jesus was living on earth, I believe that Jesus would ensure that no one was prevented from visiting or caring for family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else, as long as both visitor and visitee mutually desired the visit. If doctors believed masks and “social distancing” helpful, this information would be objectively passed on, but Jesus would allow people to choose freely whether or not to heed it; no one would be forced to do anything against their conscience. They’d be permitted to exercise free will, even if that meant many people would make bad decisions. Undoubtedly many would die, but they’d die feeling loved and cared for, instead of feeling alone, separated from family, and denied the Sacraments. Everyone would feel loved and cared for spiritually and emotionally, and would be permitted to choose for themselves what they believed to be the most prudent course to follow regarding the preservation of physical health. They would not be quarantined, locked out of their churches, or denied the Sacraments. No one would feel isolated or abandoned unless by their own choosing. Jesus would be adamant that the government stay out of the issue. Towns might provide suggestions for preventing the spread of illness, but people would be encouraged to follow their own best judgement after taking into consideration the advice of the doctors and nurses. There would be no such thing as “stay-home orders” or mandatory business/church shutdowns. Jesus would want science to serve religion and faith -- not the other way around. Jesus would never allow tissues or cells from aborted babies, or any other unethical source, to be used in potential vaccines. He’d always give “rendering unto God” priority over “rendering unto Caesar.” Jesus would say to us today: “Go and do thou likewise.”

Jessica Schumacher


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