Reader Opinion: Garfield should anticipate new gym


There's no doubt the Brainerd School Board will accomplish getting a larger gym for Garfield School.

Considering when bids arrived higher than expected, they knocked off over $300 thousand for the Nisswa School earlier this year by lowering construction costs like changing ceiling tiles, types of paint, using mesh instead of rebar, using plywood instead of gypsum board, eliminating window awnings, a back-up generator and other items, the public should anticipate they'll do the same for Garfield.

Prior to being brought before the entire board, however, all discussions occurred during Project Management Team meetings to which, unfortunately, the public isn't invited.

Not a single school board member ever inquired as to why the same cost cutting in Nisswa wouldn't apply to all the projects.

Honestly, if Nisswa can do without, why not the rest?


Surely the school board will make efforts to change other projects in order to save your money, won't they?

When people are elected to serve on the school board, one of their primary functions is to watch out for how your tax dollars are spent. We often hear this sentiment expressed ad nauseam by not only board members, but staff as well. So we can rest assured they really mean what they say, right?

As successful as the school board was at lowering expenses in Nisswa, one disturbing thing did occur. Nisswa's principal was asked to speak and her opening comment was, "I don't shop on the sale rack."

You see, Nisswa's principal was speaking about the cuts the school board was considering and, from her perspective, there was no reason in the world to settle for second best.

Perhaps if she understood not everybody makes over $100,000 annually and respected where the money comes from, such an insulting statement towards taxpayers would never be uttered.

Jeff Czeczok


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