Reader Opinion: Gazelka for governor

Paul Gazelka has an excellent legislative record.

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On Tuesday, Feb. 1, at the Republican precinct caucuses, I am strongly supporting Paul Gazelka for governor because he is the most qualified, most experienced person to be governor. Gazelka has an excellent legislative record in support of pro-life and opposition to taxpayer funding of abortions.

Paul is a strong advocate for gun owner rights. Gazelka is proposing anti-crime legislation to toughen sentences for carjackings and violent crime. As Senate majority leader, Gazelka had the Senate be the firewall against outrageous tax and spending increases by Walz and DFL legislators. Walz refused to repeal the tax on Social Security. Gazelka will do so.

Remember, it was Walz who initially hesitated to call out the National Guard while looters and arsonists burned 1,500 businesses in Minneapolis in 2020 at a cost of $1 billion. Yes, Walz fiddled while Minneapolis burned! Gazelka represented Camp Ripley and understands the role of governor as commander-in-chief.

Steve Wenzel

Little Falls

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