Reader Opinion: Get the facts


The current Crow Wing Power newsletter states there is a “small group of people” raising questions about the operation at Crow Wing Power. It states to please call them, 218-829-2827, to ask your questions or voice your concerns. Let me be clear, a majority of the folks working at and managing Crow Wing Power are hard-working people that truly care about the members they serve. However, facts indicate there have been and are some bad apples who are more interested in their own pocket books rather than investing back in the company's future and the best interests of its members.

To get factual information on what has gone on over the years with our, the members, profits from past, current and future investments, please visit the following sites which will give much more detail into many questionable practices of the folks in charge of running the co-op for its members. Here are the website addresses for you to check out -- and Also, please check out the CWP Accountability Group’s Facebook page for more information.

Once you have gathered your information, please do what the newsletter asks members to do and call Crow Wing Power to voice your concerns and questions. Also, the ballots for the Crow Wing Power Board will soon be sent out. Since it has been decided the annual meeting will be cancelled, rather than postponed like it should have been, it is imperative to mail your ballot in. Please do your homework and see which candidates running have promised to bring trust, transparency and justice back to Crow Wing Power and its members. Members can and should vote in all districts, not just the one they live in.

John Ward


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