Reader Opinion: Get together on insulin act


Kudos to Quinn Nystrom, and the other advocates, who are fighting for lower prices for the life saving drug, insulin. Insulin has increased in monthly costs for diabetic patients from about $107 to around $1,400 since 2005. This is a 585% increase in costs to patients. Sadly, another young man from Minnesota died in June while rationing his insulin. The Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act would stop these unnecessary deaths from happening. On Aug. 14, the Minnesota House of Representatives held a community conversation, urging all lawmakers to get this done and passed so the governor can sign it. The day before this hearing, the Minnesota Senate held a hearing about DHS. At the end of that hearing, the chair of the Senate DHS Committee was asked by her fellow colleagues to have another hearing about the insulin crisis, which she refused. The Minnesota House passed the Emergency Act, but the Minnesota Senate did not and the Senate majority leader gave a punctuation error in the bill as an excuse as to why it did not pass, which Quinn Nystrom replied “BS.” I agree with her. Senator Gazelka then went on to say that Quinn has never been an elected official (Baxter City Council?) so she doesn’t understand what goes on down there. I was an elected official, I understand what goes on down there and I still agree with Quinn, BS! Quinn has stated this is a matter of life and death, which sadly has been established. So, I strongly urge the Minnesota Senate to get together with their Minnesota House colleagues and get this done because people’s lives are at risk and that does matter! Thank you Quinn again for your leadership, passion, persistence, understanding, empathy and fighting for all diabetic patients and their health needs.

John Ward


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