Reader Opinion: Give it back

Minnesota's budget surplus should be returned to the taxpayers.

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The lack of action on the Minnesota budget surplus is very frustrating. I oppose permanent tax cuts because past history shows they won’t be permanent, and there will be other new spending. We have seen this movie too many times. A logical solution from the past agreed to by both parties was when Independent Jesse Ventura was in office. He said, “You over taxed the people, you need to give them their money back.” In these times without question the taxpayer will put that money right back in the economy. It will generate additional local, state and federal tax dollars. It will give the taxpayer much needed relief for the runaway inflation regardless who you believe is responsible be it Biden, Putin, Trump or big oil. The fear that the Minnesota Republican leaders have stated is a Walz check will be a purchase of votes. That’s not who we are as Minnesotans, we are smarter than that, and we can think for ourselves. Give the people their money back!

Paul G. Larsen

Rural Brainerd

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