Reader Opinion: Giving thanks to medical professionals


In the spring of 2016 I became seriously ill with colon cancer. The fight to survive cancer has been the toughest fight in 85 years of life.

A strong faith in God, support from my wife, family and friends helped win the long fight. We are richly blessed to have such great health professionals and facilities. I’m very thankful and appreciative of their professional support, hope and service. All who are ill deserve the best health care. We are thankful for Medicare and the health programs our government provides. Medicare and insurance paid the lion's share of the huge medical bills that would have wiped out our life savings. Many Americans don’t seem to understand the value of our health care programs that may help them survive crises.

Genuine thanks to every health professional who has helped me survive. I encourage fellow citizens to take a few minutes and thank your health care providers for their services and giving each of us hope to survive. The COVID-19 pandemic is out of control and will continue to ravage the health of our citizens and tax the strength of our great health professionals.

We all need to work together to protect ourselves and fellow citizens to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. A special thank you to all health care workers for their valiant efforts to help citizens survive the pandemic and Godspeed to the new vaccines to protect our citizens.

Everyone should enjoy life to the max every day as we know not what tomorrow will bring and be thankful for all of our health professionals during Thanksgiving and throughout the year. May God richly bless all of our health professionals for their service to help more citizens. Give thanks, be safe, and stay healthy. Happy Holidays.


Lee I. Fisher

Pequot Lakes

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