Reader Opinion: Global warming not man-made

Our contribution to the global reservoir of atmospheric CO2 is much too small to have any effect.


I’ve been writing in opposition to “man-made global warming” for over a dozen years.

The other side needs to follow up with basic science principles explaining how man’s tiny contribution of CO2 to nature’s huge CO2 budget, forces the entire globe to heat up when it has to go against much more powerful natural processes.

Our contribution to the global reservoir of atmospheric CO2 is much too small to have any effect. Even a 2020 Bloomberg article said the COVID-19 pandemic brought down air pollution due to drop in fossil fuel usage; but had no effect on rising atmospheric CO2 level.

Look at the NOAA annual mean growth rate of CO2 chart covering 1960 through present at Mauna Loa observatory. We see that it dropped to .28 and .48 ppm for years 1964 and 1992. Did people suddenly burn less coal and oil those years? No, it was Mount Agung (1963-64) and Mount Pinatubo (1991-92) blasting about one cubic mile of ash into the air to a height of some 22 miles, causing a shading/cooling effect on the ocean which then expels less CO2. Geo-engineers are working on essentially duplicating this shading effect by possibly introducing particulates into the atmosphere to curb the amount of heating from the sun.

Water vapor, a greenhouse gas, traps about 1,300 times more heat than man’s CO2. That’s based on a 1% global atmospheric water vapor content; however it can at times go up to 4% in places. Oceans have a huge effect on water vapor level depending on the amount of cloud cover blocking the sun’s energy, and what the 40,000-mile under-sea volcanic mountain chain happens to be belching out at any given time.


Phil Drietz


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