Reader Opinion: Goddard leads with humility

Sheriff Goddard is hands down the most knowledgeable candidate for sheriff.

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Those that truly know Sheriff Scott Goddard know him to be humble and extremely knowledgeable in his craft.

I’ve known Sheriff Goddard for 18 years and worked alongside him most of that time. Sheriff Goddard has shown me and those around him what it means to lead with humility. As sheriff, Goddard has done his best to recognize the positive accomplishments, contributions, and the dedication to public service of employees. You just don’t hear or see Sheriff Goddard taking credit for even the accomplishments that are solely his — he gives that credit to others.

Sheriff Goddard is hands down the most knowledgeable candidate for sheriff. Scott simply knows county government, correct procedure, important historical data, and the direction law enforcement is going into the future. This is vitally important as the sheriff of the county.

I’ll vote for accountability, humility, and compassion. I’ll vote to reelect Scott Goddard for sheriff.

Adam Kronstedt



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