Reader Opinion: Gun debate


I’m not on either side of this gun debate. I fully realize it takes a very disturbed person to plan and carry out one of these mass shootings so the gun itself is not the whole problem but letting this same person go buy one easily is a problem. The NRA says that having guns in the hands of good people will stop bad people but there are a couple of holes in that theory. The guy in Ohio was taken down in 30 seconds but he still managed to kill 11 people and I don’t think that’s much of a trade off. In Oakland many years ago four police officers, fully armed, were killed while they had lunch. My son was a cop and when I once expressed concerns for his safety, and then quantified it by saying at least you have gun, he told me "Unless he’s a lousy shot, I probably won’t survive."

That’s reality my friends, so let's talk about how we stop this and believe me with more assault weapons on the streets than the army has, it seems like a daunting task. To the Democrats, there is no way to get rid of all of the assault type rifles; and to the Republicans, who are a subsidiary of the NRA, quit telling people the government is coming to get their guns. If the gun lobby can’t exist without perpetuating that myth then they’ve got bigger problems then bankrolling conservative elections.

We need a whole new Congress and president. Ones that didn’t get in office supporting guns and abortions but people who want to give preferential treatment to their constituents, whether they voted for them or not, and are not pandering to lobbyists buying favors. That will be a great start.

Mike Holst


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