Reader Opinion: Hate


A lot has been said about the level of hate and division that is tearing this country apart. It used to be that kind of behavior was only in the heat of the moment between politicians in debates but now it’s seen everywhere, perpetuated in part by social media and the press. It’s pitted brother against brother and parents against their children. It’s reduced some relationships to walking on eggshells, simply to get along. It sickens your attitude to the point that nothing matters anymore except getting in the last word. Your not content with compromise anymore, you want to conquer and destroy.

How many times have you spent a sleepless night bothered by what was said between you and a friend? How many times have you just wanted to withdraw from society and go to a quiet place far from the madness? But that would be just giving up, wouldn’t it? And that’s what they want. The less of you the better.

Frustration is the biggest reason for all of the anger. Frustration with a government that no longer works. Frustration with two political parties that would rather see nothing getting done, then not have their way. Frustrations with outside interests having so much influence with the elections because of their money. The media lines up and takes sides trying to tip the balance one way or another with half-truths and innuendos. People see our country coming apart at the seams and they feel they are powerless to do anything about it, so in the end we turn on each other. Hence the anger and in the end there will be no winners, just losers and all of that anger will have solved nothing and the country of the people, for the people, will not exist.

Mike Holst


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