Reader Opinion: Here’s what’s wrong

We find it so hard to forgive and forget and so easy to blame and seek revenge.


I saw a painting of an old Labrador dog the other day. You know that pose where they’re laying down with their chin on their paws, looking up at you, as if to say, “What did I do wrong? I’m just laying here, so it can’t be much but if I did cross the line somewhere, how can I make it up to you?” Then the message comes to me. How can this animal somehow have this mission in life to please people and yet we, as humans, struggle to have that kind of humbleness? We find it so hard to forgive and forget and so easy to blame and seek revenge.

I have a friend who is obsessed with politics. He’s a good man and a good friend and I love our conversations. A long time ago we drew a line in the sand and put politics on the other side and vowed not to go there and for the most part we don’t. But there seems to be key words that are almost generic to any conversation that draw him across that line. His demeanor will change in a nanosecond and I have to stop the conversation or walk away. I don’t want to lose him that way.

I saw an opinion piece the other day in an area paper that was nothing short of a rant about Biden getting into office. Even though there has been nothing proven wrong with the way the election was handled. Even though the rhetoric is based on wild theories, promoted by untruths, largely from the president, the writer said they wouldn’t support the elected president. All of this before he has even taken office. That’s what’s wrong with this country.

Mike Holst


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