Reader Opinion: Hide and seek


Sept. 18, 2020, was an awesome day for the northern part of our great state of Minnesota! There was togetherness in spirit, patriotism, hope and just plain camaraderie! And joy! Seriously! Who can say that this year has had all that in one place very often? It was monumental, too! An event that people took off from work to attend! It was encouraging and bonding people together! There were thousands and thousands of people there, too!

America was proclaimed and we were all proud to be a part of it! So when the Sunday issue of the Brainerd Dispatch came out I naturally opened it up to read about it! Wait a minute, nothing on the first page, or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh, or eighth -- but on the ninth page! Yes, there was an article! How about that for wanting to promote America and those placed in positions of leadership to lead our United States! I was so shocked! But it has caused me to now rethink how I read the newspaper. I understand not everything is noteworthy to all people but when the president or even a candidate running for presidency comes to towns close to us that is huge news! It is front page news! So Brainerd Dispatch I am voicing my opinion

Cathy Veith


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