Reader Opinion: Higher standards


To Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post:

Nov. 12, 2019, Brainerd Dispatch published your “Guest Opinion: Impeachment hearings will be trickiest test of covering Trump.” You stated, “When journalists opt for safe language, when they pointlessly speculate, or succumb to Trump's sideshow, they flunk the test.” In my opinion, you have already flunked the test. The Washington Post headlines are slanted. Obviously, the Washington Post is a tool of the Democrat party. The Washington Post has already reached its conclusion about what should happen to this administration. So much for objectivity. There is a “deep state” that is invested in rejecting anything that would change the “way we have always done it.” Donald Trump was elected because he “is not” the typical politician that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He is keeping many of the promises that he has made in his campaign to be elected. I am sick of politicians glad handing and referring to each other as their “esteemed colleague” and then trashing them in the next breath. Or an elected official who can get up and tell the world that candidate Mitt Romney has not paid his taxes. When it was discovered that his speech was a lie and confronted about it -- he just said, “It worked, didn’t it?” The end justifies the means. Yes, our elected officials should be held to a higher standard. Our News agencies should also be held to a higher standard.

The Brainerd Dispatch should stop regurgitating the stories of the Washington Post with its liberal slant. If not, at least provide balance with conservative slant as well.

Jeffrey A. Lee


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