Reader Opinion: Hitting the ceiling

Corporations and the 1% must contribute their fair share back to the nation.

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We did not reach the debt ceiling because of overspending, we reached the debt ceiling because it was destiny. Destiny because 1% of U.S. citizens are not contributing their fair share of tax revenue. The 1% are those that control 95% of the wealth in America. Take for example the poster child for tax dodging billionaires, Donald Trump. After his tax returns were revealed he stated that he was simply using U.S. tax laws to avoid paying taxes. That brings us to Congress with this obvious question, what the hell were they thinking?

The ultra-rich bankroll our lawmakers to pass tax laws enabling them to retain more wealth to buy more lawmakers thus controlling the tax code and the budget while fiscally strangling the nation. The beginnings of this greed predate Reagan's trickle-down economics and could be the financial end of us. Money is most certainly at the root of all evil and for the super privileged those roots are spreading and going deeper.

That brings us back to Trump and Jan. 6. It's obvious that Trump is not a political genius or diplomat but with the financial support of Rupert Murdoch and other rich cronies he took the presidency. Four years later armed with the political venom of MAGA he nearly collapsed our democracy. This is what happens when big money and politicians run hand-in-hand for public office.

Corporations and the 1% must contribute their fair share back to the nation. They gobble up our national resources, pollute our environment and create division among our citizens without any threat of reparation. A flat rate tax for everyone would tidy up the deficit and national debt while restoring some equity to our tax laws.

Louie Hoffmann



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