Reader Opinion: How not to run things


So, we have a vacancy on the Supreme Court and Republicans are seeking to add another conservative and right now, a month before an election, that’s just wrong. But if one looks at this with an open mind you know that if the Democrats were in power, they would be doing the same thing and that would be wrong also. You see these two political parties have found a way around winning the battles they couldn’t win in Congress. They know that Congress is at best dysfunctional and they now want to win their battles in the Supreme Court where they only have to convince five people to vote for them.

Our government was formed with the idea that Congress would make the laws, the president would oversee this and the Supreme Court would rule on the constitutionality of it all. But that went out the window a long time ago and now the Supreme Court is not just the rule of the land, it rules the land.

I understand the hypocrisy of the Republican position right now. But I don’t feel that the Democrats would treat the same situation any different. They both have, over the years, ruined the original intent of the Supreme Court in our type of government. The Democrats are already talking about expanding the court, if they win in November. Both parties are the poster children for not how to run a government -- but how to destroy one.

Mike Holst


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