Reader Opinion: How will education return?


For the past four months we have been living in fear of the COVID virus. At first we were told we might see 2 million Americans succumb to the disease. Since then we have worked to flatten the curve and we have learned much about the disease. We have learned that it is most lethal for the elderly and those with comorbidities. We have learned that children rarely get the disease and virtually never die from it. We are just starting to see the economic consequences of shutting down the economy.

But we have not started to measure the consequences on our children’s education and their family dynamics. Ask parents if they think their children have progressed academically over the past four months. More importantly, lets measure that progress with standard testing which then can easily be used to measure progress verses previous scores. Then use this information to make the best decisions for how to move forward with the coming school year.

Please also consider how alternate days or alternate hours will affect parent’s ability to return to work. We now know that children are the lowest risk group in our society. Stop flattening the curve of education and help us return to being the best state for education.

Dr. Bruce B. Cunningham

Breezy Point

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