Reader Opinion: How will it end?


It seems like only yesterday that I turned into my driveway, the culmination of an 1,800-mile journey from Arizona, where we had spent the winter. Now back home in Minnesota, the pandemic was on and I knew that things were going to be different. I guess I never thought they would be this different. I am part of that segment of the population that has had to respect the safeguards that have been put in place and I’ve tried but it isn’t easy. But it wasn’t just the pandemic proving to be different this summer. There was racial turmoil, riots and a bitter election that was pitting us against each other. In many cases what was simply a disagreement before, was no longer just simmering heat under the surface; someone’s turned the burners up.

There were so many things that I used to enjoy at the lake come summer. Grandkids and family get togethers. Suppers out with my friend and our families at one of the many restaurants. Even hugs and tender moments, all put on hold. There was church and all of the activities that went with it. Fishing with my son and grandsons. Yes, what had once been unbridled fun, was now fun with an asterisk. The virus was always, seemingly, just lurking around the corner.

It’s Aug. 2, 2020, and every other word seems to be COVID 19. What was once in New York and then Florida, Texas, Arizona and California moved. We had for a while largely been spared here in God’s country. But then the dam broke and now the clock is closer to midnight. Reports of friends dying with it and business being closed down. I am sure there will be an epilogue to this story. Just not sure when or where.

Mike Holst


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