Reader Opinion: Hypocrisy

The left is always eager to end the game early but only if they're ahead in the score.


I must express my utter disdain for the left after a couple of recent opinion letters.

One opinion advised us to adopt the “humbleness” of a Labrador retriever and “forgive and forget,” emphasizing that many will refuse Biden as President even before he has taken office!

We're scolded, “that's what's wrong with this country.”

Another opinion offered syrupy platitudes about our elections, the “golden arrow in the quiver of American liberty.” We were asked to believe that election judges and elected officials in no way manipulated votes but were themselves the targets of (frivolous) attacks on our treasured institution, the aforementioned golden arrow in the quiver (there was no fraud, you see.)

The opinion sanctimoniously expressed that we take advantage of this healing opportunity.


Forgive and forget?



Sorry, but I still retain my memory.

These people roadblocked Trump the last four years after they refused to accept him as President (even before he took office).

They had zero desire to heal as a nation. They launched their own “dastardly personal attacks,” one after another, at Trump and his supporters.

The hypocrisy of these opinions is astonishing.

The left is always eager to end the game early but only if they're ahead in the score. Their willingness to “heal” comes only after gaining the advantage.


The same leftists compiling lists today of enemies to be dealt with after January 2021 are doing their best to keep the inferno they have created from boiling over before they can act upon those lists.

I believe that the enhanced COVID lock-downs are nothing more than an attempt to prevent that boiling mess from reaching them.

That is the only reason, in my opinion, that they're promoting unity and healing today.

It's time to turn up the heat on getting the truth.

Tony Bauer


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