Reader Opinion: Immeasurable accomplishments

President Trump's accomplishments.


What President Trump did for our country: Defended the unborn, recognizing the dignity of a person begins in the womb. Requested UN countries release Christian prisoners. Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Diverted war with North Korea. Abraham Accord-brokered three Middle East peace deals. Brought 57 hostages home. New trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China, Brazil and India. Made U.S. energy independent using all forms of energy. Defeated ISIS, brought troops home. Advocated for children with school choice policy. Created Space Force for cyber security. Mission Act for veteran’s healthcare. Lowered taxes, reduced regulations helping families and small businesses. Deemed addiction a major health crisis. Increased enforcement to fight drug and human trafficking. Criminal Justice Reform. Created Opportunity Zones in inner cities helping minorities. Secured funding for black colleges. Took U.S. out of Paris Accord and Iran Deal protecting American jobs and workers. Lowered prescription drug costs to those of other nations. Achieved record low unemployment and wage increases over all demographics. Operation Warp Speed cutting red tape to fight COVID-a vaccine in one year. Revitalizing pride in America by standing for freedom of speech, religious liberty and the forgotten Middle Class.

Gerri Klimek

Little Falls

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