Reader Opinion: Keep customers safe

Businesses should enforce the face mask requirement.


I am getting more and more frustrated at the lack of the public going into business without wearing a mask! For the last two weeks, I have been to two Brainerd businesses and witnessed two people in both stores without masks, and it was pasted on the entranced doors so no one could miss the post, that to enter the store you must be wearing a mask. I ask at both places if they enforce the posting regarding the mask and both places stated, "No!"

I have had COVID once already and no I do not like wearing the masks either but I do because I do not want to get it again, and I certainly don't need some defiant moron breathing on me or anyone else because they think they are entitled to their freedom to not wear one. It is more than that, it is for their damn safety as much as everyone else's!

The businesses need to enforce their postings or do not put up the posts and lose business, I know I am done going into both stores and I passed on the info.

Come on businesses keep your customers safe from the defiants!

Janell Wink



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