Reader Opinion: Kern is misinformed


I was disheartened to read in today’s (Wednesday, Sept. 11) paper a comment by our local school board president questioning the validity of teaching evolution within the school’s science curriculum. When she states that “it’s never been proven,” she is speaking about her own belief, and that is not her role or responsibility as board president. Evolution is a proven and consistently reinforced theory based on a multitude of facts and data accumulated over the past two centuries. I was impressed with the clear and articulate response to Board President Kern from educators Tim Murtha and Craig Rezac. They understand their responsibility to provide a complete and non biased curriculum to our students. Mrs. Kern went on to say Christian students “are taught not to agree with that.” I find that comment puzzling, too. Students (and adults) can accept scientific data without giving up their personal beliefs. In fact, my father, a Lutheran minister, helped me understand this many decades ago, just by explaining the way parables were used in the Bible.

As a retired school administrator and former school board member, I recognize how important it is to separate one’s personal beliefs from one’s board member responsibilities when representing the total community. Mrs. Kern needs to get some clarity regarding her role as board president and allow, in fact support and encourage, the educators in their important work. Our schools need our support, not this kind of misinformed micromanaging.

Beth Passi


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