Reader Opinion: Klang is professional

Eric Klang will create a culture that people want to work for the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office again.

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I chuckle at Goddard’s statement about talking to his deputies, correctional officers and staff, about loving it there. I and many coworkers left because of the toxicity of Goddard and his administration. Furthermore, of course he would say, talk to his staff. They have to say something positive, because of Goddard’s policy 319.5.8-Performance, which states staff can be disciplined for “Disparaging remarks or conduct…that would tend to discredit any of its members.” Which Goddard has gone after previous employees for exposing the bad treatment of employees. I worked for both Klang and Goddard. Klang has always been professional to staff, and I’ve been impressed by his community outreach and interaction with the public. Klang is a person that cares. Staffing levels in patrol, jail and dispatch are at all-time low because of Goddard’s culture. Klang will create a culture that people want to work for CWC again.

Derek Johnson


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