Reader Opinion: Labor Day edition co-opted by business

Why is it so hard to focus one day on employees and their issues?

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The Brainerd Dispatch has allowed Labor Day to be totally co-opted by the business community. The Labor Day issue, the Progress Edition, is almost completely about business and is the largest edition of the paper, unless you include the ads for some other holiday issues. This is the equivalent of having the Memorial Day issue without any mention of the military.

What’s the deal. The rest of the year business and business news is covered every day on all the media. Why is it so hard to focus one day on employees and their issues? My goodness, you could include a history of the labor movement and what it did for workers’ pay and working conditions and how it was so significant in building the middle class in the U.S., not to mention how much it helped the war effort in WWII. Or you could write about what happened to the labor movement under the conservative domination and what has happened to workers’ pay since then. Or how there is a resurgence of the labor movement now in the face of such obscene income inequality. Unions have been one of the most democratizing elements in this society.

Or, if nothing else, a frontpage article about what labor has done to build this nation and that, in spite of everything, labor has become more productive.

Where is the appreciation of all those people who make the entire system work and who produce the wealth of the nation and the exorbitant wealth of the 1%? Those workers must easily outnumber the employers by at least 100 to 1 and yet you cannot find it in your hearts to grant the respect they deserve on one day, a national holiday at that.

For Shame!


Bob Passi


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