Reader Opinion: Learn to ride the bus!

If you haven’t ridden the Brainerd bus, do try it out. It was a wonderful experience.

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The last public bus I had taken was in the Twin Cities a long time ago, and I really hadn’t thought much about buses since. But I have now!

I didn’t understand Brainerd’s bus service because I was used to a “route type” system. My friend said that ours is based on “who calls when, and who needs to be where.” So I asked him to help me understand how it’s done here. I began to see how it worked, and then I really wanted to ride!

My curiosity got to me, and I asked him if he’d teach me how to use the bus. I wanted to ride it, but not alone! I went and met him at his apartment for my first ride. I was excited! He had called the bus the day before, to save money on our two trips that day. It’s half the cost if you call ahead!

It was so fun and the bus drivers were friendly, helpful and nice! We arrived at our destination, spent some time there, and then he called for the return trip. It was still half price because he had scheduled it the day before.

The bus driver gave me a brochure so I could read more about it. Because he was willing to help me learn, I am now an “experienced” bus rider — and I plan to ride again!


If you haven’t ridden the Brainerd bus, do try it out. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it! I plan to be someone who teaches folks how to use the bus, and how nice it is to ride!

Maybe I’ll see you on the bus some time!

Cookie Zierman


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