Reader Opinion: Learning from history


Having little animus nor affinity towards Trump, I do not despair over or revel in his presidency.

There are many people who are an example of his human attributes, though to mostly lesser degrees.

In the scope of history, he will be viewed as famous or infamous, dependent upon who is making analysis or rendering judgment.

And he will likely be seen either as a top-tier trader or as another phonetically similar term, again depending on who is offering opinion.

I am confident, though, that he will have a place in history, alongside an ample amalgam of others.


In future views of his actions and transactions, we will be better able to see what we got for what we paid.

My guess is that it will be a mixed bag of Halloween contents -- trick or treat -- which we know to render with caution as alien objects may be amongst the candies.

Our democracy remains a work-in-progress. It may be beneficial, from the long view, to face difficulty head-on; becoming resilient, learning to flex to better cope with a dynamic environ.

In our civic outlook, we may need to abandon the older limiting linear 1D left-wing and right-wing idioms and adapt to a 3D spherical model to better plot political positions.

Bridging the gaps between requested rights and ready responsibilities will require newer advances in governing constructs that can handle higher winds, greater traffic, a wider spectrum of corrosive elements and engineered for increasing calamities.

Like an origami model or a musical composition, the folds and notes will continue to take forms and tones, familiar and foreign, for better performance and fewer failures.

Going forward, we may better discern if we are dopey suckers being dealt a loser’s hand by an inside trader with outside influences.

Philip Vaughan


Lake Edward Township

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