Reader Opinion: Let God decide


Why if God’s name would 80% of evangelical Christians vote for Donald Trump?

I believe evangelicals are using Trump to promote a Christian nation and a Chirstian worldview. As Trump has said, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and my followers wouldn’t care.” I’ve never heard an evangelical criticize Trump. They remain silent on all of his lies and transgressions.

Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board along with Pompeo, Barr, Pence, Paula White, Mulvaney, etc., are basically in control of the inept Trump and many of the policies he promotes.

Evangelicals control his decisions concerning abortion, DACA, immigration, education, the boarder wall, transgender rights, religious freedom (only for Christians), support for Israel, conservative lower court appointees and Supreme Court appointees that destroy the “Johnson amendment” which bars electioneering if they want to keep their tax exempt status, separation of church and state, etc., with Mulvaney saying, “Faith is driving many administration policies.”

Some evangelicals believe that Trump is their savior because he, as president, is setting up a concurrence of events that will lead to the great rapture or Armageddon.


It’s my opinion that God will decide when “the end” will come, not Donald Trump.

I pray that Republicans and evangelicals will hold Trump accountable for his many misdeeds, including trying to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Bidens so he could portray them as the criminals right before the 2020 election.

He got caught. He should be impeached and convicted so this doesn’t happen ever again.

We must separate church and state. Trump must not become a king or dictator. He is starting to set up Hispaics, African Americans and Democrats as scapegoats. He attacks the free press as enemies of the people. He loves dictators, strongmen, authoritarians, etc., while ignoring or criticizing our allies of 70 years.

Bruce G. Femling


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