Reader Opinion: Maintenance


If you want your home to be a safe abode for your family there is a need for continuous maintenance. If your roof leaks but you decide to buy a new car instead of fixing the roof I can only assume that you enjoy living in a car more. If a toilet is backing up sewage into your basement you can't put a clothespin on your nose and consider the problem resolved.

And so it goes with our elected officials. Our voting is simply a way of performing maintenance on a leaky government. If you don't care for a particular elected official's job performance, regardless of the brand, fix it with your vote. Generally speaking if the stink has been persistent, much like sewage in the basement, it's going to need some corrective maintenance and possibly even some new parts. Also, if that car salesman can convince you it's not really rain leaking into your home but rather abnormally high humidity for this time of year, then that shiny new car was a real bargain.

Voting is free but clothes pins are still pretty cheap. Remember the sewage could smell exactly the same on Nov. 4 so make sure your maintenance vote will fix some things on Nov. 3.

Louie Hoffmann


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