Reader Opinion: Make democracy work

Crow Wing County commissioners are not listening to the locals around Horseshoe Lake.


The Reader Opinion letter in the Wednesday, Sept. 8, paper defending Crow Wing County commissioners is also not listening to the locals around Horseshoe Lake, the township and planning/zoning. The letter notes Commissioner Koering stated private property rights are one of the most important features of our republic, tread lightly; and that democracy ultimately belongs to those who show up. Commissioner Koering, the people did show up. Especially at the township meeting which represents the area of concern. I guess this democracy is not recognized by the Crow Wing commissioners. And the term “tread lightly” doesn’t sound like a commissioner that is concerned about democracy. As I wrote before, this development on Horseshoe Lake can set a dangerous precedence. Could we see 10 story condos next to our family cabins as long as they meet the set-backs and have a “state of the art” septic system? The letter also stated, “The best way to fight against developments like this, is to run for office.” I guess the public needs to study these candidates better and check out their past history to make democracy work.

Joe and Monica Patton


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