Reader Opinion: Making our lives better


Thank you for the front page coverage of the Brainerd High School students who attended the Nobel Conference on "Climate Changed: Facing Our Future" at Gustavus Adolphus College Sept. 24-25. We attended the conference also, and were thrilled to meet these knowledgeable and enthusiastic young people, and heartened by the energy with which they plan to address the most crucial issue of our time -- the destruction of the very ecosystems on which we depend. Meeting them and speaking with them gave us hope that we may yet come to our senses in addressing not only climate change, but the pollution of our Earth as well.

Fellow citizens of the Brainerd lakes area, we implore you to listen to these young people, and even more, to support them in their efforts to secure their rightful place in our world. Many of us as members of older generations stepped confidently into our world as young adults, but the same cannot be said for the current generation.

Even if you are unmoved by the millions of young people protesting around the world, surely you care deeply about the young people in your own circle of family and friends, and want very much to see them have a chance at vibrant, meaningful lives. Funny thing, really, that when we work to make the lives of people everywhere better, we also help ourselves and those we love. Albert Einstein said this: "Our task must be to free ourselves -- by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Funny thing, once again, that when we work to make our home on Earth life-sustaining, we also help ourselves and those we love.

Jerry and Laura Raedeke


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