Reader Opinion: Medicating Alzheimer’s


The anxiety from loss of independence and the confusion that comes from memory loss has an antidote that is wonderfully effective. It cannot be overdosed; it is as good for the receiver as it is for the giver. It has no negative side effects, only good ones. Does it sound too good to be true? It gets better -- it’s free! The problem with it being free is that it doesn’t get advertised near enough because large pharmaceuticals are not making a profit from it. This wonder drug is simply unconditional love! Our Alzheimer’s affected loved one just simply needs our love.

When astronauts leave the pull of gravity, and broaden their perspective on our tiny orb, they see a living breathing creature. Like all living creatures, Earth heals itself quite well. Humans, our planet and everything on it just need to be loved, and given the respect that all living creatures deserve.

Jon Pierson


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