Reader Opinion: Minimum wage


Several years ago I wrote a letter asking Republicans to write a budget for the working people who make minimum wage or less than $12 an hour. I received no response. Union busting seemed to be their primary concern. I do not hear Stauber addressing this issue that many people struggle with day after day, year after year. Let’s say average rent is $500 plus utilities, car payment $160 per month, insurance $80 per month, day care $300 to $600 per month, utilities $240 per month, co-pays for medications $50 per month, food $400 per month, toilet paper and other products $30 per month. With the above numbers the total is $2,060. Earnings at $12 per hour is $1,920 for a single parent family of three. I did not even include health insurance premiums in this nor clothing. So now I ask you Mr. Stauber and Mr. Gazelka, will you please respond in the Brainerd Dispatch your budget for a person making $12 per hour? If I remember correctly, Mr. Gazelka, you were in office years ago when I asked for a response. I frankly am so tired of representatives of “the people” not responding to questions about the reality of the working people, so please respond! I would also ask while you are busily writing a reply, write a budget for those who make an actual minimum wage! To end this in a positive note, thank you Quinn Nystrom for fighting for affordable Insulin!

Deb Halsted


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